CNC Custom Machining And Fabrication:

CNC Custom Machining & Fabricating are ready to supports your design and manufacturing, We know your needs on your project:scheduling to fabrication, quality control to shipping, focus on every detail,we care about their needs and make it happen.

Our CNC Custom Machining will serve you:
Project Development (ODM&OEM project) for Industrial Design, ME and Hardware Design, Tooling process and Mass production.
Magnesium- Alloy & Aluminum-Alloy part manufacturing
Tooling process (Plastic mould, Stamp-Die, Die-Casting and Sand Casting)
Metal machining part manufacturing
Rapid Prototyping
Low volume production by CNC, RTV, and Fast-mould etc.

Custom Metal CNC Machining:

Melting Precise Machining specializes in custom metal CNC machining as per your specifications. Our machining centers are specially designed for milling and turning with higher efficiency rates. Also , our custom metal CNC machining services provide you with a team that will analyze your project carefull and process it on the most efficient machining center for the job to optimize your time and cost. The machining department has 7 machining centers . We have 4th axis programming capabilities and use digital probing to meet precise dimensions. You can rest assured knowing your project will be developed according to your expectations with the quality you deserve. Learn more about our custom metal CNC machining services in our website and contact us to receive a quote.

Metal Machine Parts

In machining Metal Machine Parts, different machining methods can be used according to the structure and technical requirements of the holes. These methods can be divided into two categories: one is to machine the solid workpiece, that is, to machine the hole from the solid; The other type is semi-finishing and finishing of existing holes.

Non-mating holes are generally drilled directly on the solid workpiece by drilling; for the matching holes, it is necessary to use the reaming, boring, according to the precision and surface quality requirements of the hole to be machined. Finishing methods such as grinding are further processed.

Reaming and boring are typical cutting methods for finishing existing holes. To achieve precise machining of the hole, the main machining method is grinding. When the surface quality of the hole is very high, it is necessary to use surface finishing methods such as fine boring, grinding, honing, rolling, etc. For the processing of non-round holes, inserting, broaching and special processing are required.

The inner hole surface is also one of the main surfaces on the part. According to the different functions of the mechanical parts, the inner holes of different structures have different precision and surface quality requirements. According to the different connection relationship between the hole and other parts, it can be divided into matching hole and non-matching hole; according to its geometric characteristics, it can be divided into through hole, blind hole, stepped hole, tapered hole, etc.; according to its geometric shape, Can be divided into round holes, non-round holes and so on.

Machining & Fabrication Services

Fabrication, Machining, Engineering & Design

Melting Manufacturing offers complete metal fabrication & machining services as well as tight tolerance, high precision laser cutting of sheet and plate.

Our in-house engineering and design department can accept CAD files in a multitude of formats, design and draw from customer specifications, or even use napkin sketches to produce your parts.

• Complete machining services both conventional and CNC controlled milling and turning, horizontal boring, blanchard grinding and saw cutting up to 10” diameter
• Fabrication department is capable of mig, tig, and stick welding of mild and stainless steels
• Laser cutting, shearing, and forming
• Stock a wide variety of materials and thickness
• Forming capabilities include: 190 Ton Trumpf Trubend 5170s Press Brake up to 1/4" thick over 10' length, 1/2" thick limited width
• Variety of finishing options available including: chrome plating, cadmium/zinc plating, powder coating and painting.

OEM Parts

Melting works with a number of Original Equipment Manufacturers (OEMs) to support their product lines in the field. As product lines are updated year after year, it becomes a challenge to support older products from a new model plant. Structural & Steel Products is certified to quote, fabricate and ship to the end user “one off” OEM components & parts produced for the manufacturer. This prevents disrupting an assembly line while at the same time satisfying their customer’s needs.

Towers section parts:

MELTING Fabrication Products Manufacturing has the capability to make all types of cell tower structures. Whether it be a standard cell pole, a tree, a concealment structure such as a clock tower, palm tree, flag pole or church cross, or a self supporting tower, our customers know if they design it, we can build it.